Navision Attain C/ODBC Crystal Report – Customization Example

Microsoft Business Solutions Navision is the principle ERP application for European, Brazilian markets plus it serves vertical segments of the united states marketplace, which include light manufacturing, POS, CRM. As our revel in indicates – Navision implementation calls for extra customization and tuning in assessment to another mid-market ERP answer from MBS: Microsoft Great Plains. Our aim is to popularize Microsoft Business Solutions products and enlighten IT, human beings, to do customize Navision in-residence.

Today, the main topic of this text is running with local C/SIDE Navision Attain database thru C/ODBC interface, particularly – Linked Server creation in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 environment after which Sales document design in Crystal Reports ver. 10. Let’s begin:

Navision Attain C/ODBC Crystal Report - Customization Example

  1. We will use Navision Attain 3.6 with Navision Database Server, Navision ApplicationServer and Navision Client. These components are established on Windows XP Professional. To enable C/ODBC interface you need to put in this factor from Navision Attain CD.
  2. Let’s create ODBC DSN for connection to Navision database: Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC), then switch to System DSN and click Add. We will use C/ODBC 32-bit driving force. Give Data Source Name Navision, Connection – go away it Local. As the database (Database button) pick Program FilesNavision AttainClientdatabase.Feb (this is demo DB). Then press the Company button – in our case we use the CRONUS demo database. Important situations to provide the right reference to the C/SIDE database are the correct alternatives for C/ODBC. Click the Options button and look at the options available – we can take note of Identifiers display screen – that is wherein you setup identifiers to be transferred to the client application. We will use these kinds: “a-z, A-Z,zero-nine,_” to make MS SQL Server 2000 work correct with C/ODBC supply. We at the moment are executed with ODBC DSN. Lets setup Linked Server
  3. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Open item browser at the left aspect, pick out Security and Linked Servers. With right click pick New Linked Server inside the context menu. In the rising dialog window, in the menu Provider Name pick out Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers. Let’s name our Linked Server as NAVISION. In the Data Source string kind in ODBC DSN call – NAVISION in our case. The connected Server is ready. Select tables listing and we now see Navision Attain tables.
  4. Now we want to create a small process for Sales fact extraction. Here is the textual content of the technique.OLE DB mistakes trace [Non-interface blunders: Unexpected statistics duration back for the column: ProviderName=’MSDASQL’, TableName='[MSDASQL]’, ColumnName=’Ship_to_Filter’, ExpectedLength=’250′, ReturnedLength=’1′].

Server: Msg 7347, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

OLE DB issuer ‘MSDASQL’ again an unexpected records length for the fixed-duration column ‘[MSDASQL].Ship_to_Filter’. The anticipated statistics length is 250, even as the returned statistics duration is 1.

OPENQUERY assertion opens linked server and transfers its SQL command, and in its flip returns the result set. To test the technique kind on this command in SQL Server Query Analyzer: EXEC NavisionSalesReport five. Now – release Crystal Reports, use general Wizard, create a brand new OLE DB (ADO) reference to our MS SQL 2000 Server and pick NavisionSalesReport method in the listing. As the report fields, we will use Description, Quantity, Line_Amount and Discount_Amount fields. You can group via call Name – that is customer name. Our file is now ready!

Navision Attain C/ODBC Crystal Report - Customization Example

Business analytics for Navision ERP helps on-line analytical processing offerings with an interactive graphical illustration of key performance indicators and tendencies and styles of the market. Navision ERP software’s system management utility presents the power to design bureaucracy, customize get admission to menus and other functionalities in step with the roles and responsibility, it additionally permits the administrator to specify rights to get entry to for subsidiaries and personnel for easy functioning and records security. Even internet access can be monitored by using the administrator.

It uses the SQL server as a database however can also work with a native database server referred to as classic, however, SQL is more successful in dealing with massive statistics and comes with superior centers for writing processes. ERP Navision comes with a solution set which is for enhancing its abilities and packages can be written in Pascal-like language, this makes Navision ERP without difficulty customizable software. There is no need for separate techniques for dealing with the database, the utility itself can deal with the interface and the database which reduces the time in customization in comparison to different ERP solutions.