Backpacking Tents – The Quick Four Step Purchasing Guide

Shopping for the best backpacking tent should not be overwhelming! Follow these 4 easy steps and you will be capable of making your backpacking tent purchase with self-assurance.

Step One – When will you be tenting? Since the majority avoid wintry weather camping, a three-season tent (spring, summer season and fall) will suffice and could keep the tent weight to a minimal. If you plan to camp within the wintry weather, then buy a 2d heavier 4-season tent for that purpose. It makes no feel to carry the more weight of a 4-season tent except inside the wintry weather.

Step Two – How a great deal ground space will I need? Are you sleeping by myself, with a pal, with a puppy? Most backpackers deliver a one or -person tent with a beneficent vestibule. The common character desires about sixteen-20 rectangular ft of floor space to be cozy (anything underneath sixteen is probably a decent fit, but will save you tent weight). Your first-class tent testing method is to find an outdoor shop that has many Backpacking Tents set up on the income floor and get within the tents. If the tent you’re thinking about isn’t set up, ask the sales individual to set it up, or higher but, you place it up. The excellent way to check the width and duration of the tent is to seize a slumbering pad and region it at the tent floor.

Backpacking Tents - The Quick Four Step Purchasing Guide

Now lie down, sit up, and roll around as in case you had been to your sound asleep bag. Check for clearance (whilst mendacity down and tossing and turning, your head, shoulders, and feet have to not contact the tent partitions). You ought to additionally be capable of sit up straight without your head hitting the top of the tent. If the tent is for 2 people, then both of you have to get within the tent and take a look at the space collectively. Also, if a 2-individual tent, do not forget where the tent door is and the way it’s going to affect entering into and out of the tent. Ideally, the tent has a door on both facets for smooth exiting for nighttime nature calls! Does the tent have a vestibule? A vestibule is sort of a covered front porch, a floorless region to stow your tools. Stowing your trekking boots and percent right here will no longer most effective keep the tent purifier and greater spacious, however, additionally keep your equipment out of the rain. An exact length vestibule is as a minimum four-square foot.

Step Three – How an awful lot must the tent weigh? My purpose in a 1-man or woman backpacking tent is to preserve it underneath three kilos, a 2-man or woman round four kilos. The assignment is to get the most ground area for the least weight. When getting to know Tents ensure the whole weight consists of rainfly, canopy, stakes, poles, stuff sack, and guy strains. Do not be fooled! Many producers listing a minimal weight which normally excludes stakes, stuff sack, and man lines. One way to shop weight is to get aluminum poles in preference to fiberglass, ditch some of the stakes, and the stuff sack. I bring a sturdy rubbish bag in my percent that has many makes use of, such as a tent stuff sack when the tent is moist.

Step Four – What layout alternatives need to I take into account? Freestanding tents are extraordinary due to the fact they do now not need to be staked to be set up and can be effortlessly picked up and moved, ground dust dumped out, or moisture has shaken off tent prior to packing. A tent that clips to the poles is easier to set up and will increase air glide among tent and rainfly. Increased air glide method much less condensation inside the tent to dampen you or your snoozing bag. Mesh partitions and doors are cooler on warm nights and decrease tent weight. Another cool choice is a clear movie viewing window on the rainfly for viewing the night sky while nevertheless being covered from the rain! Does the color count number? A vibrant coloration tent adds greater natural mild to the indoors and, in an emergency scenario, is straightforward to locate.

Backpacking Tents - The Quick Four Step Purchasing Guide

In conclusion, usually, get in the backpacking tent you propose to buy on the retail keep and make sure the tent is spacious enough for you and your gear. Another remarkable tip is to install your tent more than one instances previous to your first backpacking journey so you may be familiar with the installation. It is not fun to installation a tent for the primary time within the rain or in the darkish while you do now not understand what you are doing!

Norm Shodan is an avid backpacker, explorer, and traveler. He began backpacking in the late 1970s and has since backpacked for the duration of Japanese and western United States. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he spent many years backpacking and exploring the majority of the paths inside the Great Smoky Mountains and has finished over seven-hundred miles of the Appalachian Trail in 3 segment hikes. He has recently blended his passion for backpacking and many years of backpacking trail knowledge into his first eBook, Backpacking: The First Steps, a unfastened monthly e-newsletter, and a loose 2008 gear list to be had at [http://www.Backpackingthefirststeps.Com] He currently makes his domestic in Idaho and can be discovered exploring the many alpine lakes and barren region regions of Idaho and the northwest. Life is Short-Hike slow!